Package Creation Internals in Configmgr

In this article, I will describe in depth how a package and program is created.  Why the older package and program process and not the newer application model?  The application method may come next, but mostly I wrote this to share the information with a peer and because it is more depth than most articles I see on the subject.  I will describe the process from the time the Configmgr admin creates the package in the console up until the time when the newly created package a program(s) are distributed, distribution of a package warrants its own article at this depth.  Specifically I will show how the different Configmgr components are involved, what logs are written to, what you should see in the logs, as well as some additional details like the inboxes, files created for processing and additional details that are not typically discussed.  If you are new to Configmgr, this is not a good article to start with as I assume there is some basic understanding of Configmgr terminology and its process.

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