Top 5 Configmgr vNext Rumors

These are the top 5 rumors for Configmgr that are floating around.

  • Next up will be a new version, CM16 I suppose based on the date.
  • It will not coincide with Windows 10 release and instead release 90 days or so after W10 launch.
  • There will also be another service pack for CM12 to address the thousands of bugs (finally!).
  • Feature parity with Intune (cloud) standalone version.
  • Supported client count for primary sites will double.  Think 200,000+ clients per primary site.

10 years from now Apple will be a jewelry company, that is more of a prediction than a rumor.



Orchestrator Runbooks SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper 2.0

SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper 2.0 is a tool to help you document your Orc runbooks in Visio and Word.  Built from PowerShell.  You can read more about it here or download it directly here.

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