Azure RemoteApp Preview

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp is currently in preview and you can try it for free.

What is Azure RemoteApp?

RemoteApp allows you to make programs that are accessed remotely through Azure appear as if they are running on the end user’s local device.  Instead of  the situation where they would typically connect to a Remote Desktop Session and then run the app on the desktop of the host.

Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows RT.

There are two types of deployments for RemoteApp

    • Cloud based deployment which hosts the app and its data in Azure
    • Hybrid based deployment which hosts the app in Azure but the data resides within your network instead of the cloud

Typical scenarios where you might consider using Azure RemoteApp include

    • Mobile, home, or branch based employees
    • If you need to run multiple versions of the same app (like Access)
    • VDI replacement or supplementation
    • Shared computers such as labs, kiosk, customer service, hotelling, temporary employees
    • DevOps or app testing

Here are some resources to get you started