Cloud Adoption Framework – Planning

The third phase in the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is Planning. During this phase the topics covered are:

  • Digital Estate
  • Initial Organization Alignment
  • Skills Readiness Plan
  • Cloud Adoption Plan

There are three assets used to track the output of this phase that are critical to use.

Resource Description
Cloud journey tracker Identify your cloud adoption path based on the needs of your business.
Strategy and plan template Document decisions, as you execute your cloud adoption strategy and plan.
Cloud adoption plan generator Standardize processes by deploying a backlog to Azure Boards using a template.

The first two of these were introduced in the previous phases but the cloud adoption plan generator is new to the planning phase. This uses Azure DevOps to build a backlog of items that will align your cloud adoption efforts to a standardized process. The use of this asset is covered in more detail in the slide deck and the notes section of the slides.  

Extra Content and verbose slides

As always there is a ton of additional content in the notes sections of most slides to help prep you in using the deck. The content of the slides is quite verbose, far more verbose than what I would typically build. I prefer to use slides as guide for a conversation to keep myself on course as well as the audience. I tend to go deep when answering questions and usually encourage questions live during a presentation so I can end up down a rabbit hole and the slides are a great tool to get the presentation back on topic and to ensure I cover all the material. So, feel free to reduce the content of the slides if it works better for you. Typically, I would have someone attend a couple of presentations along with me when presenting this content, so they got a feel for the content and the flow of the presentations as well as get more knowledge of the subject before doing it themselves since we don’t have that opportunity I have included more content so that anyone can feel comfortable presenting this content after reviewing the slides a few times.

Cloud Adoption Framework – Strategy

Strategy is the second phase in the cloud adoption framework (CAF). Below is the slide deck I use when discussing this phase with customers. During this phase you define the business and expected outcomes. For example, a common business outcome is to save on costs for an internally hosted website. It is a common misconception that the main driving factor for moving to the cloud is cost savings, but this is a perfect scenario to uncover that business outcome and reset that outcome. While it is possible to save money moving to the cloud because of tax laws and capex vs opex it’s not very common.  Defining expected outcomes can vary widely but more common ones include fully redundant, geographically redundant, agile support, DevOps support, updating versions, so on. 

The slides include notes on each slide to help educate the presenter and provide context for a discussion during the presentation. 

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