Reintroducing Convoi: Conference Rooms, To Go | Citrix Blogs

Reintroducing Convoi: Conference Rooms, To Go | Citrix Blogs

Citirx Labs today released a new version of its free group texting for teams app that also includes group conference calls.  In this version only the person starting the conference call is required to have the app installed on their iPhone.  No PIN or access codes are required to join the call by the rest of the group.  Group texts are still supported as well.

Free Conference Calls, for All

  • Automatically calls all participants when conference call starts.

  • No complicated pins to enter.

  • Anyone can start the call.

  • See faces of who’s on the call.

  • Supports up to 40 callers.

Free Group Messaging, for All

  • Group texting in-between calls. Avoid more meetings and more email.

  • In-app messaging and send/receive SMS texts in the same room!

Free, Always-Available Instant Conference Rooms

  • Each room has a free conference call phone number for instant use.

  • Gives groups a dedicated “conference room” in the cloud.

No Logins


  • No logins. No passwords. Nothing to remember.

  • Your mobile phone number is your ID.

  • App syncs with your contact list.

  • No downloads required for participants.

Download the iPhone app here

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