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Data Protection Manager Now Available as...

Data Protection Manager Now Available as Azure IaaS

  The supported configuration is illustrated in the above diagram. The DPM installation prerequisites remain the same, as described in the TechNet documentation. DPM is supported on any Azure IaaS virtual machine that is size A2 or higher. DPM can protect workloads that run across multiple Azure cloud services that have the same Azure virtual […]

Microsoft Azure Versus VMware on Contain...

Some basics if you are new to containers. Applications run inside containers.  Containers believe they are running on an independent operating system but in fact they are running in isolated partitions sharing a single operating system while other containers are also running other applications using the same operating system.  Where in traditional hypervisor virtualization a server will […]

Azure Active Directory Sync – Beta 2 Det

Azure Active Directory Sync – Beta 2 Details

Azure AD Sync Beta 2 includes new features, scenarios, troubleshooting tools and improves stability. New in Beta 2 Selective synchronization which enables you to only sync attributes required for the services you want to enable AD password reset with multi-forests Exchange hybrid deployment in multi-forests environments which enables you to have mailboxes in Office 365 as […]